RHA Annual Exhibtion

Chapel Material Study – 003

The model is an evolution of a design for a nondenominational chapel located at the boundary between the end of a long formal avenue and mature woodland in the grounds of a Connacht demesne.

The chapel design explored the threshold between the public and spiritual realm by physically bridging from the formal avenue into the secluded woodland. The model continues this exploration of threshold and the contrasting ideas of public and private, a common theme in much of our current work.

The twisted form seeks to stimulate intrigue by squeezing glimpses through the model while also playing with scale and perspective as the viewer perceives the model from different vantage points.

The work also explores the sometime polar demands of the materials we build with, on one hand materials need to provide warmth and enclosure internally while also a hard shell to provide protection from the elements externally.

The process of charring the timber results in a beautiful textured surface which seals and protects the timber while contrasting with the natural finish and grains of the internal surface. It also afforded us the opportunity to physically engage with the material and to test the process for a future project.


  • Winner of the RHA Annual Exhibition Arthur Gibney Award for Architectural Content in any MediumĀ 


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