Pergola Project

Renovation/ extension of a typical Semi D in Dublin’s Northern Suburbs. The Renovation of the 150sqm of original house, consisted of essential of improving electrics and heating, the thermal performance of the walls, floors and glazing and some internal alterations to improve how the house functions and flows.

A west facing rear extension was designed to provide an additional 20sqm to the reconfigured kitchen and dining space to provide sufficient space for sitting area and to form a threshold between the original house and garden. It was important for our clients that we balanced a sense of enclosure and of the internal space with a better connection to the garden for both themselves and their children. The result is a small exposed in-situ concrete object that spans the width of the garden and interweaves between original house, new seating area and transitional external space. The thick structural walls are carved out to provide internal and external seats and benches which give a sense permanence and sanctuary and but is softened by green windows, walls and exposed pink joists that continue from inside to outside helping define the new seating area and to form a pergola over transitional space.


  • Irish Architecture Foundation Open House Dublin 2021

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